Real Estate Advisory


Bayhead Advisers provides portfolio and individual real estate advice and asset management.

The company has worked successfully with its clients to 'turnaround' under performing properties as well as improve value on good quality real estate.

Clients of Bayhead Advisers have ranged from global investment banks, private equity funds and property companies.

Examples of support provided to clients includes

  • Sourcing off market opportunities to acquire
  • Reviewing properties and providing a robust opinion on how to maximise value
  • Executing asset management strategies e.g. progressing planning designs and consent submissions, rectifying land or building defects, undertaking refurbishment, leasing, etc.

Bayhead works with specialist firms and all property agencies to maintain independence and maximise results.

Linking to the capital advisory side of the business, Bayhead Advisers regularly teams up with property agents to provide a combined real estate and capital advisory offering their clients. The company has a strong track record in providing debt advice; sourcing and arranging debt on acquisitions for international clients, as well as UK established property companies.

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